Conscious health care according to Buchinger / Lützner

Fasting moves…

Rest, movement and the extensive renunciation of food are the sources from which man can draw a lot of new energy in our fasting week for healthy people. Morning walks in nature and intensive relaxation phases in the afternoon, fresh juices and delicious vegetable broth get the cell cleansing processes going and a wonderful feeling of well-being in the body in just a few days.

Fasting is not an invention of our time, but an ancient wisdom. Since time immemorial, people have fasted – not always voluntarily – but we have this luxury today, because we can consciously and freely decide to do so. Thereby we take responsibility for our own health and can find the balance of body, soul and spirit again. The benefits of fasting are now also widely medically proven and have many positive effects on our body and mind.

For our fasting weeks we work together with trained fasting companions. Fasting is done according to the method of Dr. Buchinger / Dr. Lützner in small groups with a maximum of 13 participants*.