from Wieshof

Spring in Rauris

After a beautiful winter and a snowy ski season, the nature is now in spring mood and everything starts to grow and bloom. Hotel-Garni Wieshof is closed until May 30th 2019 and we are doing some renovation. So in future our guests will continue to feel comfortable with us and enjoy their holidays.

The first highlight in summer will take place on June 22nd 2019 in Bucheben:
“The stallion buoyancy of the Grieswies”
Every year, the mighty Noriker stallions fight for the role of the lead stallion before they are driven onto the alpine pasture together for the summer.


Winter-Opening 2018/2019

Finally the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen have opened the season on Friday, 14th Dec. 2018.
Our ski area is one of the most beautiful in the Alps. The area offers exciting slopes for every skier and snowboarder. The “Gipfelbahn” grings you up to 2.175 m above sea level. There you can enjoy a magnificent view of the montains of Nationalpark “Hohe Tauern” – this view provides an incredible feeling of freedom.

We used the fantastic snow conditions and the great weather and really enjoyed our first family ski day.
We wish all guests and friends an accident-free, snowy winter.


The Hochalmbahnen AG is right on schedule to realize its project “Waldalm 2016”.
The project includes a modern 10-passenger gondola, with a diagonal length of 2,026.90 meters and a ride time of 5m76s, which will finally take the place of the Waldalm tow lift.
Starting with winter-season 2016/2017 on December 16th 2016 the new gondola will start and we are all looking forward to this event.
High, above the tree line, winter sports fans can enjoy marvelous views of the existing ski area with the mighty Hohe Tauern mountains in the background. In order to guarantee excellent snow conditions, the existing pipelines will be extended by 2 km all the way to the new mountain terminal, now providing the Waldalm piste with complete snowmaking coverage.

Gold panning Championship

World Championships and European Championships in gold panning were hosted in Rauris Valley during the 1980s and 90s. After Rauris and Austrian Open Championships in 2014 and 2015 the AUSTRIAN Gold-Panning Championships 2016 will be held in Rauris from 8 to 10 July 2016 to to determine the AUSTRIAN gold-panning champion.

“Naturally, experience and skill both play a role, but 50% of it is pure luck”, points out Sepp Haslinger, chairman of the Austrian Gold-Panning Association. This competition is all about panning the seeded gold in the shortest possible time from around 20 kilograms of sand. If a flake happens to get lost, the contestant incurs a 3-minute penalty.

Genuinely strong

25. June 2016
Every year, powerful Noriker stallions vie for dominance and the role of “lead stallion” at Alpengasthof Bodenhaus during the legendary Stallion Drive, before all of them are drive up into the mountains to spend the summer months grazing at the Grieswiesalm.
Between 10 and 18 Noriker stallions – but only one of them can take on the role as lead stallion in summer 2017. What for us, as spectators, seems to be very rough behavior indeed, is actually very necessary in order for the animals to spend a peaceful summer in the hills. Biting, kicking and even boxing – it appears that practically everything is allowed in this demonstration of power. Once the lead stallion has been determined, the others peacefully assume their subordinate roles and fights out on the alpine pastures simply aren’t necessary anymore.

Rauriser UrQuell

June 2015
The Rauriser UrQuell is a unique source in the Rauris Valley. Located in a very quiet and peaceful area – the Hüttwinkltal – it is embedded in a beautiful landscape with a special flora. Numerous large and small waterfalls, a water pool and a drinking fountain together with wooden benches offer a comfortable place to enjoy water and nature.


Jänner 2016
Enjoy the idyllic countryside of Rauris, the secret jewel of the Hohe Tauern National Park. The Rauris Valley offers countless ski tours through open countryside. Especially in the springtime, lots of tourers enjoy taking nature up on her enticing invitation.
Embarking out from the marvellous valley head, or ascending the slopes to the left and right above Bucheben. Many have made it their goal to make their way up the Rauris Valley’s most popular mountain – the Hoher Sonnblick, perched on top of which is a weather station. But enjoyment is undoubtedly the highest goal of every ski-tourer in the Rauris Valley. Be it the ascent itself, or the unspoiled nature of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Perhaps you’ll even catch sight of some Alpine animals which happen to cross your path.